01 February 2009

Strict emission for developed world likely: Pachauri

The Economic Times, 1 Feb 2009, 0949 hrs IST, PTI

HMEDABAD: The Copenhagen Climate Conference 2009, is likely to conclude on a strict regulatory regime on emissions for developed countries rather than for the developing countries, nobel laureate R K Pachauri said here today.

"The negotiations are going on for the conference of parties at the Copenhagen where we will have a multilateral worldwide agreement, let's see what the implications of that would be," Pachauri, who is Chairman of UN's Inter-governmental Panel onClimate Change (IPCC), said on the sidelines of fifth convocation of DAIICT.

"Of course, the developing countries will be exempted from any such restrictions but the developed countries will certainly have to cut down on emission," Pachauri said, adding, "some strict regulations are going to be there."

At the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference, scheduled in 2009, the parties will meet for the last time on government-level before the climate agreement is renewed, the conference portal stated.

The conference is expected to end with Copenhagen protocol for preventing global warming and climate changes, it added.

Referring to assessment about climate change in India, Pachauri said, "We have covered South Asia all in the report. We have assessed the impact of climate change on India which is going to be very serious, we all have to be concerned about it."

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