27 January 2009

Jason Scorse: "Waht Environmentalists Need To Know About Economics"

Monterey Institute of International Studies

"Academic disciplines are often separated by gulfs of mutual incomprehension, but the deepest and widest may be the one that separates most economists from most environmentalists...What underlies this is not so much disagreements about facts as disagreement about how to think."
~ Never The Twain Shall Meet. (2002, January 31). The Economist.

"This book was inspired by the warm reception I received from a short essay I wrote back in 2005 entitled, 'Why Environmentalists Should Embrace Economics.' The target audience is those interested in environmental issues with an eye towards actually solving them: students, citizens, policy‐makers, and activists. No economics background is required for this text, although some basic microeconomics knowledge is helpful. Even those with more advanced training in economics may find some new perspectives in this volume that they may have not considered before."
~ Jason Scorse

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Table of Contents and Introduction

Part I: How Economists Approach Environmental Issues

Chapter 1 - The Root Causes of Environmental Problems

Chapter 2 - Determining the "Optimum" Amount of Pollution

Chapter 3 - Valuing Ecosystems

Chapter 4 - Putting Monetary Values on the Environment and Living Things

Chapter 5 - Valuing Future Generations

Chapter 6 - Tools to Address Environmental Problems: Taxes, Property Rights, Information, and Psychological Insights

Part II: Putting Economic Analysis to Work

Chapter 7 - Climate Change

Chapter 8 - Conservation and Biodiversity Preservation

Chapter 9 - Agriculture

Chapter 10 - Chemical Pollution

Chapter 11 - Fisheries

Chapter 12 - Deforestation

Chapter 13 - Population Growth & Technological Change

Chapter 14 - Demand-Side Interventions

Final Thoughts & Additional Resources

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