10 January 2009

Carbon Reduction Project Ratings Now Available Through Bloomberg

By ClimateBiz Staff, ClimateBiz, January 9, 2009

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OAKLAND, Calif. -- The Carbon Rating Agency'sassessments of a range of carbon reduction projects are now available to Bloomberg users.

Launched in June last year, the Carbon Rating Agency's service looks at Clean Development Mechanism and Joint Implementation projects related to the Kyoto Protocol as well as voluntary projects.

Each project is rated based on the type of project, includes an assessment of how likely the project is to provide its stated emissions reductions in the expected period of time, and takes into account economic and social development benefits.

The ratings are now available to users of the Bloomberg Professional service, and the Carbon Rating Agency aims for the information to help users made better-informed carbon market trading decisions.

Projects can earn up to a AAA rating, or as low as C and D, labeling them as riskier investments.

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