08 February 2012

CIFOR Assesses Indonesian Moratorium on Forest Concessions

Following the Indonesian Government's declaration in May 2011 of a two-year moratorium on new forest concession licences, the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) has released a working paper examining the significance of this moratorium on forest governance

Climate Change Policy & Practice | January 2012

The assessment, titled "Indonesia's Forest Moratorium: A Stepping Stone to Better Forest Governance," examines the definitions and terms used by the Indonesian Government to highlight the complexity of the issue; scrutinizes the moratorium map; and focuses on challenges related to management of peatlands in the context of reducing emissions that contribute to climate change.

It raises some unresolved concerns around the area and status of land covered by the moratorium, noting that the new area under protection amounts to, at most, 22.5 million hectares. The working paper laments that the failure to include secondary forests and previously logged forests represents a lost opportunity. It also underscores that peatland governance remains a challenge, and loopholes for food and energy security could undermine the integrity of the moratorium. The assessment calls for attention to be placed on updating the Indicative Moratorium Map and an examination of existing licences compliance with laws and regulations.

CIFOR is a member of the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR).
[Publication: Indonesia's Forest Moratorium: A Stepping Stone to Better Forest Governance]
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