08 December 2008

How the different countries stand on climate change

The Guardian, Monday December 8 2008


Views itself as the world leader and wants to limit climate change to 2C above pre-industrial levels. Has pledged to cut carbon emissions by 20% by 2020, and to raise this to 30% if there is agreement at Copenhagen


The Bush administration regularly stalled on climate targets. Barack Obama's team has yet to make its position clear, but has promised "vigorous engagement" at Copenhagen. Will want greater effort from developing countries, China in particular


More aware of climate change than often given credit for. Likely to resist binding targets, but some pledge of future action will be needed to appease US. Has requested that rich countries pay 0.7% of GDP to poorer ones to help them adapt to the effects of global warming.


Has taken a hard line so far and voiced its opposition to legally binding targets. Has indicated it would be willing to work to keep its growing per capita emissions below those of industrialised countries


One of the great unknowns. Russia's crucial gas resources have made it more bullish at climate talks, and the Kremlin resents being ranked alongside countries such as Argentina, Mexico and South Africa in the negotiations.

• Source: Energy Information Administration

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