05 June 2008

Parts of Indonesian capital inundated by exceptional tide

The Earth Times - 04 Jun 2008
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Jakarta- Some parts of Indonesian capital Jakarta were inundated by seawater that rose more than 2 metres overnight, caused by an extremely high tide, local officials said Wednesday. "The water was more than 2 metres higher than usual last night and we predict it will get higher tonight," Jakara governor Fauzi Bowo was quoted as saying by the state-run news agency Antara.

North Jakarta was the area most affected by the tidal wave. Floods swamped some homes in the area with 20 centimeters of water. The peak of the flooding hit around 9 pm Tuesday.

World Bank infrastructure expert Hongjoo Hahm warned last week that an exceptionally high tide could hit the Indonesian capital. The tide is caused by an 18-year semiannual tide cycle, when the sun and moon are in direct alignment and making their closest approach to the Earth.

Indonesia, a vast archipelago nation has been hit by a string of floods in recent years. The country's capital Jakarta has also seen floods from seasonal rain or tidal waves that have killed dozens and had closed the country's international airport several times.

Rising sea waters especially pose a threat to coastal cities like Jakarta, which is sinking up to 6 centimetres a year.

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