16 December 2007

White House unhappy with some Bali decisions

Azerbaijan News.Net
Saturday 15th December, 2007

The White House has issued a statement to say it has serious concerns about a deal reached at the UN climate conference in Bali, including the role of major developing countries in cutting greenhouse gases.

After the marathon talks which went a day over schedule, the White House issued a statement on the watered-down agreement, which had pitted the U.S against the EU and other smaller countries.

The statement said the United States had serious concerns about other aspects of the decision, which should only proceed on the view that climate change could not be adequately addressed through commitments for emissions cuts by developed countries alone.

It said sufficient emphasis should be given to the important role that the larger emitting developing countries should play in a global effort to address climate change.

The White House also pointed out that upcoming talks would need to differentiate between wealthier emerging countries and those with smaller economies in the commitments made toward reducing emissions.

It stressed that any successful negotiations on reducing global emissions had to accommodate the national economic interests of those taking part.

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